Staff Transport

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Coach Hire & Minibus Hire for Staff

Our area of expertise at London Minibus Hire is staff transportation minibus and coach hire.

If you require efficient transportation services for the movement of a larger number of people between designated points A and B, whether it be for employee transportation, shift rotation, or staff relocation, you have arrived at the right place.

For a prompt price, contact or 02037456247 a call.

To avail our extraordinary discounts on staff coach and minibus hire for staff movement and transport, kindly make a booking for your staff coach or minibus with us immediately.

London Minibus hire has a range of coaches and minibuses available for hiring in different capacities. Whether you require transport on a large scale, you can trust that our services will successfully fulfil your requirements.

London Minibus hire collaborates with both major and minor businesses, offering minibus and coach hire services for various purposes, including shift rotation. We provide staff minibus and coach hire services every day of the year.

We offer the finest Coach Hire services for staff transportation

Aside from offering event coach and minibus hire services, we also provide regular shift rotation transportation for commuters.

Customers have the option to engage a personal account manager for the purpose of contracting minibus and coach rentals.

Similarly, our loyal clientele also avails themselves of our services for hiring staff transport coaches, minibuses, shift rotation coaches, and minibuses.

Are you interested in finding coach hire or minibus hire services for your employees?

Our team of employee minibus and coach hire services are advantageous for businesses requiring workforce relocation.

If you need to hire event staff coaches, choose London Minibus hire. We offer a comprehensive service that ensures the seamless transportation of your passengers from any location in the UK to their desired destination. Our service is characterised by a superior degree of sophistication and punctuality.

For bookings, contact or 02037456247.

Our minibus & coaches for Staff Transport

We provide a diverse range of vehicle capacities, ranging from 8 seats to 72 seats, with options including 12, 14, 16, 19, 24, 33, 49, 52, 57, 61 and 72 seats. Our event transport services are renowned for their exceptional quality. Experienced and skilled drivers are committed to providing event personnel with top-quality transportation.

You may be certain that when you reserve with us, you will pay reasonable rates for staff minibus and coach hires.


Yes. We take a small holding deposit of 20% of your booking price to confirm your booking and against any last minute cancellations/damage/cleaning of our buses. The hirer is responsible for the condition of the bus and it is YOUR deposit that will be refunded to you at the end of the night after the driver has checked the bus and everything is ok.

Yes. You can change details on the booking up to 24 hours before your event, these changes can only happen if we are able to fit them in with the timetable on that night. There is no extra charge provided it can be done.

booking (hirer) is responsible in regards to the condition the bus is left in and whether their deposit will be refunded.

With a large fleet of minibuses and coaches it is very rare we are late to any of our bookings. However due to any circumstances uncontrollable by us such as road closures/ diversions/traffic etc… we will always keep you updated on the estimated times for your bus to arrive.

We have a large fleet of minibuses,mini-coaches,coaches and this enables us to vary our timetables vastly. So if we have multiple bookings on the same night this acts in favour for you as we can reduce prices to ensure getting that bus optimised for the evening. As there is nothing worse than a bus coming back half the journey empty!