UK Couple Quit Their Job to Travel the World in a Minibus

The adventurous couple, Helen Weedon and Tristan Young, have turned the dreams of millions into a reality. They quit their jobs together and hit the road in a minibus in london they lovingly renovated together.

In April 2021, Helen and Tristan purchased a 17-seater Ford Transit Minibus for nearly £11,000 to start their ambitious project. Over the course of nine months, they transformed the minibus into a cosy home on wheels. All this while juggling full-time jobs and dedicating their weekends and evenings to the renovation.

Working tirelessly outside their home in West Sussex, they handled every aspect of the project. From the initial design to the construction of the walls, kitchen, seating area, and a full-sized fixed bed. Despite setting an initial budget of £20,000, they ended up spending £25,000 on the minibus due to rising costs of building materials and equipment.

After two months, the couple took a bold step. They sold all their possessions, quit their nine-to-five jobs, and embarked on the road in their beloved minibus. Now, both Helen and Tristan work as freelancers. Furthermore, they have designed their van to be fully self-sufficient, allowing them to go off-grid for up to five days, granting them unparalleled freedom.

While talking to an agency, Helen revealed that the build was much more challenging and time-consuming than they initially anticipated. Apart from having professionals check the electrics and gas to ensure safety, they did everything on their own. In turn, it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences the couple had.

Reflecting on their life-changing decision, the couple claimed it was incredibly liberating. Furthermore, they now find solace in owning the few things that they actually need. They have stored a few sentimental items in a storage unit; apart from that, everything they own is always inside the van.

The couple has named their house, aka the minibus, ‘Stan the Van.’ In the first few months of their travel, they have embarked on adventures throughout the UK and other countries. They have travelled and camped in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Montenegro till now. Despite being able to travel the world at their will, their journey has come with its own set of challenges. During the interval of five months, Stan the Van has slowed them down twice. The van broke down once in the mountainous landscape of Dolomites in northern Italy. The second time, the same thing happened in the remote wilderness of Croatia. The couple always keep track of the food they have in stock. However, finding a stable source of fresh drinking water or emptying their toilet has presented its fair share of difficulties.

The couple are a walking inspiration to several youngsters and adults alike. Many people, in the hustle and bustle of city life, dream of escaping on their own terms. Tristan and Helen provide a ray of hope to those people. Through their relentless passion each day, they radiate that everything one desires is possible, even though it might seem a little odd initially.

Furthermore, Helen and Tristan have ensured that their followers get the latest updates on their international chronicles. They are filling the pages of their thrilling journey on their travel blog, aptly named “Coconuts and Camels,” where they share the ups and downs of their globetrotting adventures. Their plan is to explore Europe for the next three years before setting their sights on Canada and the United States.