London Minibus Hire vs Taxis: Why Minibus Transfers are a better option?

Transportation choices can seem exhausting in the vibrant city of London. Primarily because of the diverse options and personal needs of a tourist, local, or traveller. Whether you plan to explore the bustling streets of London or want to head towards a cosy cafe, there are various transportation options. Private cars, minibus hires or rapid taxi buses can each whisk you from one point to another.

Among these options, two popular choices stand out – minibus hires and taxis. Both offer convenient and comfortable rides. However, each has its own set of features different from the others. So, let’s explore the better option for London minibus hire and taxi options since every decision can affect the quality and joy of your overall journey.

Size and Capacity

The difference between hiring a taxi and hiring a minibus is their builts. While regular taxis can accommodate up to 4 people in one go, minibuses take it up a notch. An average minibus can carry up to 13-16 passengers. Additionally, minibuses come in different sizes/ Depending upon their build, they are equipped for anywhere from 7 passengers to 29 passengers. If you want to explore within the city, you can hire a 7-9 seater minibus in London, whereas when looking for an outstation trip, you can go for a 13-16 seater minibus hire.

Fare Structure

Taxi cabs and minibuses in London follow different approaches regarding fare breakdowns. Typically, minibuses involve a combination of distance travelled or a fixed hourly rate. This gives you the advantage and transparency of knowing the exact cost of your journey even before you hire a minibus. In turn, this makes minibuses a budget-friendly option and also provides peace of mind to all the passengers.

On the other hand, regular taxis work on a metered system. They have flat basic rates which are never up for any discount. The only way they provide convenience is when there is light traffic or pleasant weather conditions. Their fares can fluctuate quickly depending on the road density and other unpredictable circumstances. This makes it tricky to evaluate the final cost of the trip.

Convenience and Comfort

In the fast-paced streets of London, comfort and convenience are essential when choosing an ideal transportation. Minibuses are the best choice, with cosy interiors, plush reclining seats, and generous legroom paired with full air conditioning. Long rides or traffic-filled journeys in the city become a breeze with minibuses as they sink you in the lap of luxury.

Distinctively, even though taxis are equipped with a amenities of a personal car, they hand over a slight trade-off in comfort. Their legroom and air conditioning capacity is limited. Additionally, minibuses boast wider and broader options when talking about boot space. If we talk about the ease of driver, minibuses and taxis even out since both the options come with a licenced professional.

Booking Availability and Services Offered

With a London minibus hire company, you can book through their contact numbers and websites. You can be summoned at an authorized taxi stand or on the streets in case of taxes. There aren’t many options to nook taxis online or by telephone. Those options are even costlier than normal taxi fares, even when you find a hotline for booking taxis. With London minibus hire, pre-booking your minibuses not only provides you accessibility but also saves cost and time.

Now let’s talk about services usually offered when considering the two transportation options in London. While minibuses and taxis provide excellent to and fro commutes, their services make them a class apart. With minibuses, you can avail additional perks like airport transfers, hourly bookings and even exciting sightseeing tours. London minibus hire also allows you to tailor the journey to reduce costs. On the flip side, regular taxis are typically limited to point-to-point transfers. If you seek a much more comprehensive experience, hiring a minibus in London might be the perfect choice.